97 Brunello and Rib Eye Is The Ultimate Meal

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glass of wineI love red meat. Not just any red meat will do though. I want something that has flavor right off the bat. For me, the best cut is the rib eye. It’s got a great blend of fat and meat that makes the steak taste just right when cooked to perfection.  Couple the rib eye with an excellent wine like  the 97 Brunello di Montalcino and you’ve got the ultimate meal.

Granted, putting together this meal will set you back a few bucks. In fact, trying to find a bottle of 1997 Brunello is quite hard, as that was one of the regions best years and often bottles are go for over $100 per and in some cases can be even more than that.  If you are able to find a bottle of 97 Brunello, then you’ve got the harder piece already done.  A couple of suggestions would include your local Italian restaurant, wine vendors, or via reliable online retailers.

Now, on to the rib eye.  This can be quite easy to get, but again, could set you back a few bucks.  A good rib eye normally costs around $8 – &10 per pound, but you can often find some deals at local butchers or buy in bigger bulk to save a few bucks.  Rib eye is naturally flavored, so it doesn’t need much to taste great. Start with some salt.  Just let the rib eye sit out for about 20 minutes and sprinkle with salt while it’s sitting out. This is a great way for the meat to naturally flavor itself because the salt reacts with the meat to help tenderize it and locks in the fresh taste. After sitting out for about 20 minutes covered in salt, the meat will be really red and juicy. This is perfect for cooking. If you want, go ahead and sprinkle a little rub on the steak and get ready to cook.  Everyone has different tastes when it comes to how well it’s cooked, thickness, and other factors so those will need to be determine on a case by case basis.  I know when I cook rib eyes, I like mine medium-well, but my wife likes medium so I have to cook mine a little longer than hers.

Once, you’ve got these two items ready, you are set for the ultimate meal.  The wine opens your taste buds and gets your mouth ready for the meat and when it hits, the flavor is just divine.  Every bite is like a wonderful sensation of joy that you want to last forever.  I know this sounds a bit exaggerated, but in fact, if you love red meat, like I do, and a good wine, then there is no exaggeration about it. To me, a rib eye and 97 Brunello is the ultimate meal.  BTW, I’ve had this wonderful meal only a couple of times in my life and they are all memorable.

One thought on “97 Brunello and Rib Eye Is The Ultimate Meal

  1. I agree, there is nothing better than red meat,or rather a good steak. Pity that doctors say it’s not good for you. In fact, there’s a funny saying that “Everything that is good is either illegal, immoral or fattening.” Shoot..

    Also, ribeye is my favorite too. While not as tender as a tenderloin, pun intended?, it has a whole heck of a lot more flavor.

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