Cut From A Different Cloth

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In today’s age of gadgets, gizmos, and other do-dads that keep our minds and activities filled with digital sound bits and animation for so much time that it’s no wonder that many kids today don’t participate in the same types of activities that older generations did.  Despite all the distractions that most teenagers have today, it’s a nice surprise to hear about one special kid that not only sets his sights to achieve goals, he wants to conquer them.

Rob Nelsen, of Tustin in Orange County California, just collected his latest merit badge that the Boy Scout’s of America gives out to recognized deeds.  The difference with this particular badge is that it will actually be the last one that Rob receives.  The reason is that he has now collected every merit badge that the Boy Scouts gives out and is a feet achieved by little.  There are exactly 128 merit badges that the Boy Scouts can give to a member for their deeds and now Rob Nelson has collected them all.  Most scouts are likely to earn a dozen or two badges over the course of the time they spend collecting and few ever make it into the hundred range, but to be able to achieve a goal over 128 times in order to accomplish a bigger goal is a real testament to this kid’s determination.

I personally admire this kid’s resolve and cheer him for his accomplishment. It’s goes to show that when you put your mind to something and dedicate yourself to it, there will be good things to come. Congratulations on your accomplishment and thank you for inspiring me to continue to achieve my goals.

2 thoughts on “Cut From A Different Cloth

  1. Thank you for your very nice article!
    And I hope that you too complete all your goals :)

    -Rob Nelsen
    Troop 856
    Irvine, CA

    • No problem, it was my pleasure. It just warmed my heart and made me feel proud to be a resident in this fine county. My best friend’s son is also in the Boy Scouts so I understand the long hours and dedication. I really think it’s a remarkable achievement and something to be extremely proud of. Thank you, you’ve inspired me to continue reaching for my goals, and I will.

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