Socializing with Relevance makes Social Sites Relevant

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Socializing with relevance makes social sites relevant.

I’ve been using social sites for the past couple of years now, and find them very useful in my daily life.  Yes, I’m one of those people that one would be called a twitter-holic, or Facebook fiend, but in truth I get more information and stay current with more things than I ever got from traditional media and networks.  In the past, the I would use newspaper and television to get my current news, but today I can use my social networks to see what things are making news at that very moment and the ones that matter most to me.  However, I find that many social sites don’t have the ability to weed out irrelevant content, but some have found ways to keep the most relevant content upfront.

social_sitesIn order to truly take advantage of these networks I think it’s a good idea to exchange one’s ideas freely across the networks at the same time.  What this will do is make each site more relevant by making the content the driving force for one’s social persona.  This means that because I’ve got all of my sites linked together I think twice before posting something that I don’t think is somewhat relevant or useful to the majority of people in my network, versus just socializing things because they are there.  For example, I have a Digg, account, but I’ve got my Digg feed linked up to my Friendfeed, which posts to my Twitter, and then goes to my Facebook.  This means every time I dig a post or article, every person in my network chain will know about it.  I used to just dig anything I fancied, but now I think twice before I dig something and only mark the things that are really relevant.  In turn, this is making the Digg site better, as well as the other sites in my network chain.

This can be done across many networks, and there are various services and apps that can help generate this type of social networking without any programming knowledge.   By doing so, I think we’ll be socializing with more relevance, and in turn making the social sites more relevant.  Sites that I like to use include Digg, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Myspace, Buzz, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, TwitterFeed, Ning, and Mahalo.  There are many, many others, but each can be linked together and they should all support each other.  This makes socializing easy and fun, and also makes people think about what they are putting out and will generate more relevant feedback for it.

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