Will HTML5 Help With SEO, Rankings, or Panda

panda updatesEvery few years the Internet goes through a major change in order to progress and evolve into new standards and tools to help site owners, users, and web professionals find, connect, and share content.

Initially, the web was pretty static, but over time more dynamic elements were introduced. Now we are the heels of another major transformation with the introduction of html5 and css3. Site owners, webmasters, and those that are concerned with website structure, SEO, and/or rankings will need to start looking at these elements as they will become standard soon and will most likely effect your rankings in the near future.

Let’s take a look at how things have evolved to get an idea of where they will go. Continue reading

Google Plus Is A Game Changer

Share and socialFor those that know me, and have heard me talk about Google, they know I’m not the biggest fan of what they do or their methods for doing them.  However, I’m happy to admit when they do something that actually works and makes sense.  Google Plus, the new social tool and network from Google, is quite impressive.  I’ve been invited to their beta testing and have been using it for the past week or so and have to say that it is really awesome.  Seeing how their other attempts at social have not gone so well, I was really reluctant to jump on this bandwagon, but after seeing it and using it, I’m actually on-board with this and think it will be something useful and helpful.  It does like Google Plus is a game changer. Continue reading

Does Google Search Have Acceptable Collateral Damage

The following graphic, designed by the guys at SEOBook.com and ByJess.net, is a good overview of how Google has evolved over the years and the various actions that they’ve taken to combat spam, make their search results better, and to help publishers get their content out.

Does Google search have acceptable collateral damage?

Looking at the graphic below, people can see just how unsure, untested, and unreliable Google has been since they were initially launched back in 1998. Continue reading

No Farming At Google – Farmer Update Goes Live

Today maybe one of those days in Internet history that goes down as a significant change in how things are done.  Every so often an update or change in the ranking algorithms are so major that it effects the way the Internet is used. Google’s official release today of the ‘Farmer Update‘ most likely will be a signal of what’s to come and will be a dramatic change in how sites are ranked. Just less than 12% of the search results will be effected making this one of the biggest changes they’ve done in their history. Most changes effect less than 10% and in many cases, like last month’s ‘Scrapper Update‘, only effected around 2% of the results. Many times, the changes are so slight that most people will not even notice a difference. The game has changed today. Continue reading