Practical Social Marketing Management Tips

These days it’s almost impossible to turn on the TV or read news with out seeing something about social media, social marketing, or social networking.  Sites like Facebook, which is now the most trafficked site in the US, along with Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, MySpace, Youtube, Ning, Mixx, and more are all trying to get more users to spend more time on their sites in hopes of gaining bigger position in the Internet to where they can monetize and make some money.

In fact, just last week Twitter announced it’s own monetizing strategy, which includes paid tweets from major companies.  Facebook has been doing this for years already, and the same with MySpace, but it’s the first for Twitter and assuming it’s successful, more will follow. Continue reading

Working with a good UI makes sites development easy.

I’ve been using various UI libraries over the past couple of years and the thing that I’ve learned most is that it’s better to use them then try to re-invent the wheel. I personally like to use Yahoo’s open source platform called YUI. It’s a great library of tools that can be downloaded and installed on any directory. It makes for setting up pages and having great UI a snap. They have tons of pre-set configurations and you can do everything from menu-building, page-building, interfaces, pagination, and other various effects that can give a website sticky content. You can find YUI at