Launched New Personal Site With Cool UI Tricks

siteimageI just got finished updating my personal website and portfolio, and I put some cool new UI features on it.  I’m ready to officially launch the new personal site and look forward to some input.  I think the effects are pretty interesting and made are strickly with CSS and Javascript features, and that should make some people think and hopefully play with it once or twice.  I personally like the fold out effect on the home page.  When the personal div opens there is an option that says “Are you done with me”, click on that option and watch the cool effect that takes effect.  None of the page effects were done with flash or animation, and were all done with CSS and Javascript, with all data still being rendered on-page for search engines.  It’s a personal goal of mine to make sure all necessary data gets indexed by the engines.  It’s not that I don’t like flash, but I like to see how much I can do without it.  I really like the fade in a fade out effects as well.  How about the slide in navigation bar.  It’s a way of keeping data out of the way, but still have it available.  I’m going to be working with more effects on the site over the next few months, so stay tuned for more fun! You can visit the new site at

Working with a good UI makes sites development easy.

I’ve been using various UI libraries over the past couple of years and the thing that I’ve learned most is that it’s better to use them then try to re-invent the wheel. I personally like to use Yahoo’s open source platform called YUI. It’s a great library of tools that can be downloaded and installed on any directory. It makes for setting up pages and having great UI a snap. They have tons of pre-set configurations and you can do everything from menu-building, page-building, interfaces, pagination, and other various effects that can give a website sticky content. You can find YUI at