Why Birthdays Are Great

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Most people would say that birthdays are great, although some don’t appreciate them as much as others do I suppose. It’s not that I can’t see why some people don’t like birthdays, but most are reasons of vanity or insecurity and not really justified as all around belief.

I personally like birthdays for a lot of reasons, and not just because of the presents, even though those are nice to get as well.  However, it’s nice to be acknowledged, and with the use of social sites today, there is a lot more of that. For example, sign into Facebook and I get dozens of birthday greetings from people that I had never gotten them from before. This is a nice way of connecting and feeling special. I used to be happy just getting  call or two from a friend or family member, but not I can expect to get dozens of birthday wishes over a couple of days. Greetings come in from various sites where my birthday is posted for public view.

I also like birthdays because it’s a time to reflect on what has happened over the past year and gives a marker for helping to see what we’ve done.  I personally like to reflect on the things I’ve accomplished, places I’ve visited, people I’ve seen, and things I’ve learned. This all helps to put into perspective how I’ve grown over the course of the year and makes me feel confident about the year ahead. Having time to reflect on the things we’ve done ensures that we’ve processed it and grew from that, which in turn makes us a better person.

I like birthdays and look forward to them every year. It’s not that I need a big party, or lots of expensive presents, but I’m happy to get them when them come.  It’s about having the chance to live a year, and to look forward to a chance to live another year and to make the most out of it.  We should cherrish our birthdays, we only get so many in our liftetime.

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